HAS ALREADY BEEN FILED WILL BE FILED IMMEDIATELY Agreement Review Cycle Earliest CSED Check box if pre-assessed modules included WILL BE FILED WHEN TAX IS ASSESSED MAY BE FILED IF THIS AGREEMENT DEFAULTS Agreement examined or approved by Signature title function Part 1 Acknowledgement Copy Return to IRS Catalog No. 21475H Reset Form Fields Form 2159 Rev. 7-2018 Part 2 Employer s Copy INSTRUCTIONS TO EMPLOYER This payroll deduction agreement is subject to your approval. If you...

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[Music] if you are not able to pay the tax you owe by your original filing due date the balance is subject to interest and a monthly late payment penalty there's also a penalty for failure to file a tax return so you should file your tax return timely even if you can't pay your balance in full it's always in your best interest to pay in full as soon as you can to minimize the additional charges paying electronically is a convenient way to pay your federal taxes online by phone or from a mobile device electronic payment options are available on the payments page and the IRS to go app you can schedule your payment in advance and you'll receive confirmation after it submitted the IRS uses the latest encryption technology making electronic payments safe and secure it's quick easy and much faster than mailing in a check or money order IRS direct pay is a secure service that lets you pay directly from your checking or savings account at no cost to you you can use direct paid to pay your current and prior year 1040 series tax returns and more after you complete five easy steps you'll receive instant confirmation after you submit your payment with direct pay you can use the lookup a payment feature to view your payment status you can modify or cancel your payment there until two business days before your scheduled payment date if you decide to pay by mail enclose a check or money order with a copy of your tax return or notice make it payable to the United States Treasury and provide your name address date time phone number social security number tax year and form number on the front of your payment if you can't pay in full you should pay as much as possible to reduce the accrual of interest on your account you should consider financing the full payment of your tax liability through loans such as a home equity loan from a financial institution or a credit card the interest rate and any applicable fees charged by a bank or credit card company are usually lower than the combination of interest and penalties set by the Internal Revenue Code if you can't pay in full immediately you may qualify for additional time up to 120 days to pay in full there's no fee for this full payment agreement however interest and any applicable penalties continued to accrue until your liability is paid in full you may be able to set up this agreement using the online payment agreement application or by calling IRS at eight hundred eight to nine 1040 for individuals or eight hundred 829 4933 for businesses if you are not able to pay your balance in full immediately or within 120 days you may qualify for a monthly installment agreement to request an installment agreement use the online payment agreement application or complete form 9465 installment agreement request and mail it to the IRS an installment agreement allows you to make a series of monthly payments over time the IRS offers various options for making monthly payments like direct debit from your bank account payroll...